I would give anything to chase the dark away and start all over again…

I know most of you on here don’t know me or how I am or maybe you’ve realized some of these post titles are actually song lyrics but that’s how I express myself. Music is the window to how I feel and into my mind. If I ever tell you to listen to a song just know I’m trying to relay my feelings to you.


Now back to what this post was actually going to be about. I really miss my best friend. Ever since he went and joined the Corps I barely speak with him and I’m very lonely without him. I wonder if this loneliness is because of my unrequited feelings for him or missing how we used to be and the memories I have of what our relationship used to be like. We went from talking all day everyday to barely saying three words to each other. It’s been hard on me and I wonder if it’s hard on him. I cry and get anxious when I don’t hear from him. But little by little, it’s getting to the point where I realize that I need to give him space. He is an adult now and does adult things. I shouldn’t freak out over this. We are still friends. I think it’s time to stop drowning in a cup of water.


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