Baby don’t hurt me…

Usually when bad things happen to people they cry. They show that emotion of sadness and complete and utter helplessness. Usually when people go through troubles, big troubles, they usually cry. Crying is a show of emotions when nothing not even words can express how you truly feel. Something bad has happened to me and … Continue reading Baby don’t hurt me…


Dearly beloved,

From the first day I laid my eyes on you I thought you were something different Not like everyone else I literally thought you were the answer to my prayers My knight in shinning armor The one person the Lord sent my way to complete me To make me happy You were everything to me … Continue reading Dearly beloved,

You’re a Rainbow in the Dark

It's funny how the one person who I'm supposed to be open with on a regular and about everything isn't the person that I'm open with... I mean I love him so much and I want to be open with him but how can I be open with him if I myself don't know half … Continue reading You’re a Rainbow in the Dark